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My dear, sweeet husband hunted around in the basement and brought up my teddy bear idea notebooks. I’ve already torn out some things I won’t be needing, started doodling new bears on pieces of scrap paper, and have added quite a few new names to my huge list of teddy bear names. Looking at that list just gets the creative juices flowing!

I remember way, way back to when the list of names started: my sister Jennifer and I wrote down every teddy bear name we could think of so we could send a good long list to Corla Cubillas of the Dancing Needle (whose creations we just loved!). We had met her at a teddy bear show, and she said she was running out of names for her bears.

Jen and I took our inspiration from just about everything: street names, cities, trees, food, flowers… We had a lot of fun keeping a keen eye out whenever we were driving around town or watching TV. We compiled quite a long list and sent it off to Corla, but I kept it going and still add to it when inspiration strikes. There were over a thousand names in 2000, many years after our initial list; I wonder how many there are now! Does anyone else love names like I do?


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