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Juniper in the GardenNew Avenue Crew wanted another place to hang out on the Web, so I decided to start a new blog!

This Crew member is Juniper. I designed and made him back in 2002, and he lives in Japan with my friend Hiromi. The garden Juniper is enjoying is an apartment garden on Mercer Island; my husband and I lived in the Seattle area for four years. I like the photo because it reminds me of our time there, and Juniper is one of my favorite bears, so I used it as the header photo on this blog.

[Updated 3/18/10]:
Once upon a time, I had a Web site at Newavenuecrew.com. A few years in, because money was tight, I naively took down the site, losing my URL in the process. (I still regret that decision, and I don’t have the nearly $3,000 it would take to buy back my domain.) I know that many people figured I had disappeared, never to appear again!

I then put up a basic site hosted by Geocities, which ceased operation in late 2009. Until I get back into the swing of things, making bears regularly and developing a new Web site, this blog will be the online home of New Avenue Crew. Enjoy the block party!


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