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New Avenue Crew’s new home was entirely too bare, so I set to work. Whew! Not finished yet…


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Bears in progress

Two little bears in progress

About two weeks ago, I was bitten by the bear bug. Again. (And I am so glad about it. Creating my Crew members brings me a lot of happiness.) I have made the trek to the basement numerous times since being bitten again to feel the mohair, see what (or should I say who?) I might have in progress, haul supplies upstairs, and otherwise immerse myself in the bears again. Last week while assessing the situation, I found that I have three bears with faces (who like to look at me with their big eyes and plead with me to finish them), one stuffed head, and at least two more bears-in-a-bag, cut out and waiting for me to start them officially.

Remember this bear in progress? In the post called Have Stuffing Stick, Will Stuff, I chronicled the saga of actually inserting stuffing into the head of the bear shown here. Since that post (which was written almost two years ago, but I’m sure no one will notice that), I have finished stuffing the head! This is quite a feat, dear reader. And…drum roll, please…I embroidered the bear’s nose and mouth! As if that wasn’t enough for me, I also needle sculpted the face a bit, trimmed the muzzle (almost finished with that), and trimmed and readied the ears for attaching to the head. This sweet little eyeless face is looking up at me from a dainty old teacup on my desk as I type.

Please stay tuned as I attempt to grab enough time in the next week or so to finish this little bear who has been waiting so long. And then I need to turn my attention to the other three with the pleading eyes who have been waiting just as long, just as patiently.

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GenevaSo I’m not tiptoeing through the tulips, but on this warm sunny day in Colorado that seems so springlike, my thoughts are turning back toward teddies once more. It has been FAR too long that I have been away from the fur and fluff, and I am finding I miss it sorely. I am racking my brain trying to figure out where I will find the time to actually sit down and make a bear, but I am itching to get started. My pen has been flying with sketches and ideas, and yes, I’ve felt the mohair.

I would love to also come out of hibernation officially (couldn’t resist using hibernation, seeing as how spring is near) and be able to offer my Crew members for adoption–I so enjoy seeing them find that special someone.

And where have I been for so long? My husband and I adopted two 14-year-old girls from Ukraine last year. (Now that I write that, it sounds so easy! It was anything but easy, but the Lord was with us all the way.) You can see our story here: http://hoffmannclan.blogspot.com. Our eldest, “Elaine” on this blog, just turned 15. Where does the time go? (I have always wanted to say that as a mom.)

Now that things are more settled and routine (routine?), I am feeling a need to get back to being who I am. That sounds rather silly, but it’s true. I love art and creating, and it’s high time to begin again. Plus, my mom keeps complaining that she doesn’t have one of my bears, and she still lives in the house on New Avenue where I grew up and from which I took my business name!

Spring Giveaway - Bear BitsSpeaking of spring, I happened upon the blog of Ginger Braeme, a bear artist I’ve admired over the years, and she is doing a special spring giveaway for a bear she created named Blossom (pictured at left). Blossom is darling. Hop on over and take a peek!

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My dear, sweeet husband hunted around in the basement and brought up my teddy bear idea notebooks. I’ve already torn out some things I won’t be needing, started doodling new bears on pieces of scrap paper, and have added quite a few new names to my huge list of teddy bear names. Looking at that list just gets the creative juices flowing!

I remember way, way back to when the list of names started: my sister Jennifer and I wrote down every teddy bear name we could think of so we could send a good long list to Corla Cubillas of the Dancing Needle (whose creations we just loved!). We had met her at a teddy bear show, and she said she was running out of names for her bears.

Jen and I took our inspiration from just about everything: street names, cities, trees, food, flowers… We had a lot of fun keeping a keen eye out whenever we were driving around town or watching TV. We compiled quite a long list and sent it off to Corla, but I kept it going and still add to it when inspiration strikes. There were over a thousand names in 2000, many years after our initial list; I wonder how many there are now! Does anyone else love names like I do?

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